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Cross Border E-commerce Logistics

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  •  Cross-border Shipping
  •  Cross-border Air transport
  •  Parcel
  •  Overseas warehousing
  •  Customs clearance and last mile delivery
Service Advantages
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  • CROSS-BORDER LOGISTICS PROJECT DESIGNEDTrailer-made cross-border logistics project designed by our supply chain platform,reducing cost to increase benefit.

  • TRADITIONAL SERVICE AND IT SYSTEMInternational transpotation by marine/land/airway/express , customized IT system docking by API would be easily achieved seamless docking with customers.

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  • PRODUCT COMPLIANCE CONSULTATIONProduct compliance consultation Import access standards counseling labeling service

  • AGENCY AND EXPORT CUSTOMS DECLARATION AND INSPECTION SERVICEGlogal agency network and self-own oversea branch ,also covering every main port in China. Several years of experienced team service with faster clearance.

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  • PROFESSIONAL WAREHOUSING AND DELIVERY TRANSPOTAIONProfessional standardized warehousing,FBA / oversea warehouse transfer,drop parcel & delivery service.

  • VALUE-ADDED SERVICESBar-code / batch / tracking managment ,labeling service,standard tallying, picking, sorting and packing services

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Because of the change of policy for current cross-border e-commerce platform like Amazon, highly developing of cross-border branding in different region, continuous upgrading of e-commerce operational planning, the cross-border e-commerce logistic products of LONGSAIL are constantly upgrading to meet the growing needs of clients.。
According to supply chain management and operation strategy of cross-border e-commerce, customers can be customized including seaway & airway transport for FBA, destination port customs clearance & delivery, international express delivery, postal, oversea cross-border warehousing and a series of value-added services involved in Europe and America, southeast Asia and other regions of cross-border e-commerce logistics platform.