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Optimise your global airfreight choices. We offer reliable options for all the right reasons. Air freight is a part of foreign trade, and it’s airport to airport service,Global Interlink have over 10 years’ experience in freight for export and import, it’s experienced air freight forwarder, with 300 staff team, professional operator, experienced market, at the same time, we are WCA(World Cargo Alliance) member, we have over 300 foreign agents, we can provide DDU and DDP service to Europe, America, Australia and so on country .

Air freight business scale

1.Air freight to all over world

2.Import and Export

3.multiple options in routing, service and price to satisfy your own needs.

4.Collect goods from different city

5.Departure from Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hongkong, Shanghai and other international airport in China

6.DDU and DDP service, door service

7.Insurance,inspection,warehouse,Customs Broker

8.Consolidation and Distribution

9.Repack:consolidate small parcels into big carton--to save your shipping costs a lot

10.minimum chargeable weight: 45kgs (1CBM= 167kgs)

Why choose us !

Global Interlink air for years has been based on safety limitation, high quality service, and then is the advantage of price. We will take care of all the goods.


01   10 years focused on air exportHave over 10 years

experience in air exportmore than 150 countries and regions in the world more than 580 cooperation agent, 0 blind spot coverage


The most professional customer service team

Up to 10 years, an average of 3 years experience in airfreight forwarding industry professional senior customer service team to operate

03   100% safe, zero risk

The goods safety, punctual, efficient, door to door delivery, playing board installed, customs clearance to send the whole process of seamless docking

04Cooperation with over 49 Air line

more than 490 flights   multiple routes for you to choose .。

05 Overseas (IATA) clearance are strong

Flexibility to handle difficult items to guarantee the safety of the goods to smooth customs clearance on time transport to all over the world.

06 One-step service

Global Interlink will provide door-to-door service, air freight agent commodity inspection, customs declaration and so on a full range of services, timed to arrive at the appointed place on time

Standard Operation Procedure

01 Quotation

According to the our customer by consulting air export goods information such as the weight, volume, destination, and the guest service requirements, provide the best air freight quotation.

02 Entrust us to order

Submit the air a power of attorneyAfter both sides agreed price and air export routes, provided by the client should be completed as required by our airfreight a power of attorney, and back, by fax or email relevant to entrust the express official acceptance.

03 Booking Space,After the rapid acceptance of entrust, according to the situation, the time of delivery, the client request, the first time from the airline booking air space, determine the air export flight information, and timely feedback the customers.

04 Make sure Air way bill (Check the information of the bill of lading)The operator will be provided according to the customer of the consignor, goods, such as information, submit the bill of lading from the airline, before the formal submission file, again with the client to confirm the bill of lading, etc material content.

05, Delivery goods to the airport warehouse

According to the SO to transport address, number information such as the goods will be sent to designated warehouse, or arranged by entrusted , We door-to-door delivery transport; The warehouse will be confirmed according to the packages、 weight and volume final chargeable weight, air export bill of lading issued

06, Customs declaration

We will review and sort out the customers to provide a complete declaration documents, submit the documents to the airport customs, the customs department after approval, the goods clearing take-off.

07 PaymentWe will be subject to customs supervision warehouse to issue the final chargeable weight and other miscellaneous fees and confirm the shipment by air export charges, and provide payment notice to the client.

08 Tracking

Since cargo warehousing, We will closely track the goods by air transport and arrival, and inform the customer; If DDU or DDP clearance delivery service, We will keep closely with overseas agent, until the goods delivery receipt.