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Chinacustoms declaration:
Global Interlink since its inception, adheringto the "customer first, best service" business philosophy, to createa new pattern of import and export services. The Czech international withcustoms, commodity inspection bureau, tax bureau, financial institutions andestablished a good working relationship, steady development, is committed tobuild high quality import and export service providers in China.
If the customer without a right of import andexport company or personal check, cannot provide the above information, ourcompany can sole agent. Only need to provide cargo list (including productname, quantity, weight, container number, product specification, brand,material, customs ports, etc.), we can provide customers all the inspection,customs declaration, customs clearance formalities, to assure the safety of thegoods and customs clearance quickly.
Global Interlink agency inspection agency,sloid wood packing material, certificate of origin (CO), pratt & Whitneycertificate (FA), fumigation/disinfection certificates, the carton card(corrugated carton export inspection certificate), etc.
Service advantage:
In the long-term practice of customsdeclaration, has accumulated rich experience and a lot of resources, canflexible use of various trade way, multiple port of customs clearance forcustomers to solve various difficult problems;
2, long-term legal management, keep goodcustoms clearance at the customs record, minimizing the rate for inspection, toprovide customers with safe and fast customs clearance services;
3, keep good communication and customs, goodsin a timely manner to solve the problems appeared in the process of customsclearance, to ensure that the goods on time to catch up with sailing scheduleand flights.

Overseascustoms clearance:

Since it was founded in 2008, has beencommitted to serving the overseas agent customs clearance business, toestablish a global network with high quality, covering outlets throughout theUnited States, Britain, France, Indonesia, southeast Asia, America, Germany,Britain, the united Arab emirates, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, South Africa and so onmore than 30 countries and more than 120 outlets, the goods reach theirdestination on time, can quickly to deal with after the port customs clearance,pay your duties, warehousing service requirements on time and delivery time. Letterwill be in charge of overseas market international staff will always stay intouch and overseas each node communication, to provide you with better quality,more professional, more competitive advantage of logistics service, promotingthe value of the largest logistics for you, in all efforts to open up overseasmarkets, at the same time corresponding to the overseas agent customs clearanceservice experience.

European and American countries agent forcustoms clearance only need the recipient to provide authorization to customsclearance agent, customs declaration fill in report when the consignee orconsignor of the import goods, port of shipment, marks, number, name of goods,the tax rate, the price and the payable duties and so on, the documents are tobe delivered along with the other airline bill of lading, packing list andinvoice for approval to the customs, tax and cargo clearance formalities. Becauseof its electronic data processing system, have developed can be used to acceptthe declaration, audit declaration, check tariff and value-added tax, and doinga lot of choose should be focus on the customs declaration, tax calculation,according to the results of the inspection in airlines terminal print out thetariff payment. Every entry regardless of operation is miscellaneous, can suchrapid clearance in a short time. Generally two days after the goods to the portwarehouse rent free, most of countries such as European countries are 24 hoursfree warehouse rent, and warehouse rental cost is very high, in the treatmentof the air cargo agent for the customs clearance will be told in advance thegoods to the port of time, to facilitate clear GuanHang overseas agent inadvance according to the relevant matters, to avoid the goods in week 6 toport, so as not to cause additional warehouse rent fees.

In many countries, the united Arab emirates,Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries many need original packing listinvoice and certificate of origin to customs clearance, the actual according torequirements of each country will tell in advance, arrange for customsclearance, to ensure customs clearance to go through.