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Dangerous Goods

LONGSAIL has more than 10 years   experiences in dangerous goods transport. No matter what dangerous goods, pesticide, charcoal, batteries, etc, Our experienced Cargo Management Team is always at your service. Our service is covering cargo certification, acceptance, loss prevention, and every aspect of current regulations on dangerous goods. We are able to make a safe and reliable shipping arrangement according to your requirement.

Throughout the entire transportation process, we are always at your side. We will let you keep abreast of the shipment details, always knowing where the goods are and when they arrive.

Because of complicated shipping procedures and professional operation requirement, there are some points you need to pay attention:

1.The class of dangerous goods needs the approval of the terminal and the shipping company. If there is a transit, we still need the confirmation of the transit port. So it is a better choice for you to make a booking at least 5 days in advance.

2.Booking are required to provide detailed and rigorous information so as not to cause failure of FINAL DG to make it impossible to board the ship. It will charge extra money.(The fee of rented cabinets of dangerous goods is more highly than general cargoes.)

3.The loading time and returning time must be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the terminal, otherwise there will be additional costs.

4.The stickup of the dangerous mark should be firm and the position should be standardized.

5.Pictures provided of encasement should be clear and it should be at least 8 pictures of different angle.

6.The data of maritime declaration should be rigorous.

7.The rules and regulations for warehouse loading and unloading, product batch, loading sequence, pallet customization, film wrapping, risk label placement, photographing requirements, loading and unloading methods, etc. are all stricter.

For more details on the transportation of dangerous goods, please contact us for service!