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Special Cargo

Our special cargo transportation program includes chemicals and ultra-conventional cargo!


When transporting chemicals or other potentially dangerous goods, we should be aware of the significant of safety, reliability, environmental sustainability, and economic viability. Therefore, no matter where you are, our experts can provide you with a safe, reliable and efficient chemical goods supply chain.

Our professional chemical transport covers:



Petrochemical derivatives;


Bare minerals;

Natural polymer



Companies that transport chemicals face more challenges than most general companies. We must deeply understand of international laws and safety regulations and equipped with the professional transportation knowledge. From customs clearance to the establishment of a preferred port hub, we will develop reliable and cost-effective supply chain solutions based on your needs.

In addition, when problems come across, we will quickly find out the reasons and propose solutions to ensure that your supply chain continues to run smoothly.

The transport of chemicals is not only just in one way of ocean freight. During process of transportation, inland transportation is often required. Therefore, we can also provide a full range of multimodal transport services.

Ultra-conventional cargo

Exceeding standard goods

The size of the cargo exceeds the length, width or height of the flat box or open top container but still can be divided into multiple containers shipping.

Exceeding standard cargo includes propellers, flanges or trucks

Not-exceeding standard goods

The size of the cargo is less than or equal to the size of the flat box or open top container (the assistance of special equipment is required for loading, but there is no need to replace other positions of the ship).

Not-exceeding standard goods include: Machinery or trees that can be lowered into open-top containers

Bulk cargo

This kind of cargoes exceed the size and/or weight of a standard container, therefore, it is considered to be inseparable and it usually fixed by a multi-strand rope. This kind of cargo is also usually placed on a deck board panel.

Common bulk cargoes include: yachts, masts, industrial equipment or vehicles, etc.

These are just some measures we have taken to help you transport special cargoes to your destination safely and efficiently. For more details of special cargo transportation, welcome to contact us for enquiry.