General Cargo

The abundant shipping experience made us get new insight into expertise from all walks of life.It makes us improve and help our customers to further their business development and achieve their business goals in a better way. In LONGSAIL, no matter how simple or complicated request, it is honor for us to assist you to find the best solution for your cargo shipping and business. What the goods we transport the most is general merchandise, including toys, retail goods, automotive and electronics, paper products, etc.

Frozen Cargo

Efficient transportation of perishable goods is critical to the development of your business. We promise that your cargoes can be delivered to destination in the specified conditions through the safe and reliable transport path which owned the continuous cold chain.

Special Cargo

When we transport chemicals or other potentially dangerous goods, we will be aware of the significant of safety, reliability, environmental sustainability, and economic viability. Therefore, no matter where you are, our team can provide you a safe, reliable and efficient chemical goods supply chain services

Dangerous Goods

LONGSAIL has more than 10 years experiences in dangerous goods transport. No matter what dangerous goods, pesticide, charcoal, batteries, etc. Our experienced Cargo Management Team is always at your service. Our service is covering cargo certification, acceptance, loss prevention, and every aspect of current regulations on dangerous goods. We are able to make a safe and reliable shipping arrangement according to your requirement.