Global Interlink Logistics Co.,Ltd(Global Interlink for short) was founded in 2008. It is approved by the Ministry of Commerce of China for Business of International and domestic air and sea freight forwarding. Engaged in business of goods and technology import and export, international shipping agency, non-vessel shipping business, the road general cargo transport etc.
Global Interlink is a Class-I international shipping Agency Company approved by the Ministry of Commerce of China. Global Interlink is the key Logistics Enterprise which will be the "iconic Chinese logistics enterprises". Global Interlink is a mighty force which cannot be ignored in the whole freight forwarding industry of China.

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1. To develop new customers and maintain old customers, mainly to take orders. 2. Maintenance of network platform, using B2B / B2C platforms to post product information, and get inquiry. 3. Contact e-mail or whatsapp or facebook or other methods with clients and clearly know customer's needs. 4. After getting the booking form, cooperate with the air line and shipping company ,and customs ,truck company . 5. Tracking orders, found problems solved in time, to ensure the normal operation of the shipping service. BASIC SKILL LEVEL REQUIREMENTS • Have good verbal, written and presentation skill & good command of English. • Proficient with office software. • College degree or above • Team player, good marketer, good analytical ability, focused, positive KEY JOB FUNCTIONS • Actively generate sales revenue for the company through sales and marketing activities; • Establish strong relationship with clients and prospects through regular sales visits。