Global Link Logistics Ltd(Global Link for short) was founded in 2008. It is approved by the Ministry of Commerce of China for Business of International and domestic air and sea freight forwarding. Engaged in business of goods and technology import and export, international shipping agency, non-vessel shipping business, the road general cargo transport etc.


Global Link is a Class-I international shipping Agency Company approved by the Ministry of Commerce of China. Global Link is the key Logistics Enterprise which will be the "iconic Chinese logistics enterprises". Global Link is a mighty force which cannot be ignored in the whole freight forwarding industry of China.


Serving for you, we pay the same attention to your every trust. Therefore, we establish a complete system for every customer and found more than 20 branches and offices in the main centre cities in global range, with a professional team of over 300 high-quality employees and over 300 ports cooperation agents in more than 120 countries   throughout the world always provide service for you.


Global Link’s value of “integrity, generousness, diligent and modest, ambitious and persistent”, concept of “customer-oriented, for customers “and “professional, safe, high-quality, efficient “service are all reflected not only in traditional land, sea and air transportation and warehousing, customs services ,but also new credit trade business, third-part logistics, supply chain finance service.


On your way to success, We will stand together with you through thick and thin!

We are reliable partner who provides you with professional service and assistance.

We are strong partner, for you to control the risks and provide strong support.

We are well known in industry as a professional logistics company.

We are the star in domestic logistics industry, key logistics enterprise in Shenzhen.

Company mission :

Focuson customer needs, provide competitive logistics solutions and services,continued to create maximum value for customers; Make employees can entrustlifelong career platform. Being the world's leading logistics companies.

Business culture :
Thegood faith management, realize the win-win; Innovation and development, thepursuit of leading industry.
Inpieces professional management. Business professionals can't lay on leadership,avoid unprofessional himself with authority control.
Inpieces the attention process monitoring. Found the problem at any time, toavoid affect the work result.
Efficiencyfirst, rewards and punishment, salary management. Sure employees workperformance, no egalitarianism.
Harmoniouscoexistence, equality, mutual respect. Company to create an optimal workingenvironment for employees.
Tonurture, pay attention to talent reserves. From the company's development toshoulder the responsibility of training subordinates.

Professional team
Companies all over the country more than 700 vehicles of transport contract; Including flat-panel semi-trailer, gaolan car, van, semi-enclosed car, have their own small refrigerated trucks, special truck and delivery trucks; There are plenty of transport support capability. Company with a number of large and medium-sized enterprises established long-term strategic cooperative partnership. With the strict operation system and the continuous improvement of service network, wholeheartedly for the general customers to provide safe, fast, professional and accurate logistics services.

"Strengthen logistics service providers, completes the freight agent", make logistics relying on the abundant goods transportation, land resources, the overall strength of overseas institutions, extend and improve the logistics supply chain management With its unique project management and service to win customers trust.